Kiperman Mikhail S.

Kiperman Mikhail S.

Company founder

    Artem Matskov

    Artem Matskov


      In 2015 we have anniversary celebration: we are staying at the market during 20.

      Dita Real Estate Development Company has launched its functioning with plain remedial works in miniscule amount – as repair and construction enterprise. It was founded in May, 1995 року by Michael Kiperman, who is company owner until now.

      Since its first days challenging task has been assigned to the company: to win own market segment in Khmelnytsky. Particular focus was made on professionals – only the best experts in their field were involved, as the saying runs we were generous with money. From the very first days of company existence and till nowadays people get stable fair wage. For years of Dita Real Estate Development Company developed reputation of responsible employer.

      Company made quick entering to the market, and make itself known. It bacame permanent participent of bidding and tender procedure for execution of building and installation works in Khmelnytsky and Khmelnytsky region.

      In 1998 Dita became general contractor for execution of building, installation and remedial works at building of Khmelnitsky Technological University Podillya , and since 2000 renewed construction of Engineering Laboratory Building of the same University, with total floor area 9 000 sq.m. , that had been frozen before.

      In 2001 Dita won the tender and executed restoration and decoration works at facade of “Ukrtelecom” Khmelnitsky department.

      A year later Dita has built and commissioned Preljudiya shopping center (Maksi-dom), and also building of Khmelnytsky JSC Kredobank branch.

      During the period from 2002 to 2005 company had constructed and commissioned shopping center Atrium on Proskurivs'ka St., carried out remedial and restoration works of debating chamber of Khmelnytsky of regional council, made reconstruction of the building of municipal electricity supply, commissioned Eneida restaurant and Khmelnytsky University of Management and Law, and also executed great number of remedial and decoration works at the other objects of Hmelnitsky region.

      In the company practice there are successfully carried out works in the State Admimstration buildings: in buildings of Khmelnytskyi regional council and Hmelnitskyi regional public administration, Khmelnytskyi municipal council.

      Subsequent to the results of tenders Dita Real Estate Development Company has credence to carry out repair and construction works at the most significant building of regional centre: at the building of Khmenitskyi regional department of National bank of Ukraine Khmenitskyi regional Company Kinovideoprokat(Cinema-video hire shop), Khmenitskyi regional Philharmonic Hall. Khmenitskyi regional library, Khmenitskyi municipal hospital, Khmenitskyi regional hospital, Khmenitskyi regional clinic № 2.

      Experts of Dita Real Estate Company worked at walls of University of Management and Law, settled Khmenitskyi regional Puppet Theatre, Public Joint Stock Company Khmelnits’kgas, also buildings of Khmenitskyї city Public Prosecution office, Kam’tanets-Podil’s’skyi archive facility, Medzhybizh Hotel, boarding school in Vovkovyntsi. Also made reconstruction of State Taxation Service.

      At the same time in 2002 Dita Real Estate Company carried out more difficult task: opened branch in the capital of the country.

      During 20 years of functioning at the regional market Dita Company won reputation of the leader of house building industry. It has constructed and commissioned great amount of residential building – from space-saving to multifamily housing. These objects are well-known and well-liked among all residents of Khmelnytskyi.

      • multistory apartment house of the improved planning with 38 apartments on Parkova street;
      • dwelling-house with 99 apartment on Gorodovykova street;
      • dwelling-house with 115 apartment on Zaliznyaka street;
      • dwelling-house with 34 apartment on Instytuts’ka street 6-V;
      • dwelling-house with 30 apartment on Zavods’ka stree, in the Derazhnya town;
      • dwelling-house with 108 apartment on Instytuts’ka street.

      During 2014-2015 the company has completed building of following objects:

      • 9-storeyed dwelling-house with 78 apartment on Starokonstyantynivs’ke Shose ;
      • dwelling-house with 45 apartment on Instytuts’ka street, 6-А (I –stage of construction);
      • dwelling-house with 78 apartment on. Prospect Myru str.

      In 2017 and 2018 the construction company "Dita" constructed and put into operation the following objects:

      • 10-storeyed 72-room residential complex "BRISTOL" (1 st line) on the street. Zarychanska, 3/2 V;
      • 10-storey 49-room residential complex "Zatyshnyy" (1 st line) on the street. Institutskaya, 6/4;
      • 10-storey 60-room apartment complex "Barbarys" (2nd line) on the street. Lake, 14a;
      • 5-storey 20-apartment residential complex "Schaslyvyi" (1 queue) in the town of Gorodok, st. Peace, 1B / 1;
      • Cottage town "EUROVILLAGE" (1 st line) on the street. Starokostyantynivske highway, 2/1-N

      Today "DITA" remains the most demanding and notable construction company on the Khmelnitsky market. We conduct active housing construction on seven objects: LC "Barbarys", LCD "Levada", LC "Bristol", LC "Provence", LCD "Autograph", LCD "Lakeberry", Residential array "Europe-2". Synchronously, the company is involved in the work and in other projects. On a permanent basis, "DITA" wins tenders for conducting construction, reconstruction and repair of premises in the city of Khmelnitsky.