Residential Complex Lakeberry

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  • Розпочато будівництво 4 під'їзду ЖК "Lakeberry"
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  • Житловий комплекс Lakeberry у Хмельницькому
  • квартира в ЖК «Lakeberry»
  • Будівельна компанія "Діта"
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Project Description

Compact Residential Complex is in natty Provencal style made of ecologically-safe brick. This complex is comfortable to everybody, who appreciates contemporary life style, and at the same time makes much of traditions and ready to estimate comfort good quality apartment. At the territory of Residential Complex Lakeberry building of children playground and sport field is planned. Next to complex you can see school, chemists shop, clinic and few markets.

Additional Information

  • Address Zaliznyaka street, 1-V
  • Phone +38 (067) 381 20 40

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Competitive advantages:

  • Energy-efficient technologies:double-pane windows, individual heating, meter installation for gas, water and electricity, external facade insulation.
  • Coziness of building surrounding grounds: at the territory of township playgrounds and sport field, surface parking/garage will be equipped.
  • In-building comfort: noiseless elevators, armoured entrance doors, panoramic windows with height 1,8 m.
  • Internal work of high level: high quality of floor cement screed and wall
  • Telecommunications: installation in the flat of television cable, internet, telephone and  house intercom.

Course of work:

Construction have started in 2015

Commissioning of building: Done at 2016.

Second stage:

2-3 Approaches Surrender Quarter 4, 2019.

Construction of the 4 entrances of the LCD "Lakeberry", st. Zalizniak, 3/1. Lease 3rd quarter of 2020.

Main characteristics:

  • Number of storeys: 10
  • Number of apartments in the house: 60
  • Material of external walls brick
  • Internal work: internal screed, plastering
  • Ceiling height — 2,7 m
  • Parking: outdoor

Builder Ltd. "Prombud-1"