Residential Complex Barberries

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Project Description


Residential Complex Barberries — is for people who appreciate light and extension. There are unique panoramic windows with height 1,8 m in the rooms, that create effects of integrated space with surrounding nature. Building surrounding grounds are protected and equipped: building of playground, sport field and above-ground parking has been planned. It is the largest housing object of the company — 10-storeyed residential complex among seven houses, for 420 flats all together.

Additional Information

  • Address Str. Ozerna, 14-A (Galana)
  • Phone +38 (067) 381 20 40



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Competitive advantages:

  • energy-efficient technologies: double-pane windows, individual heating, meter installation for gas, water and electricity, external facade insulation.
  • In-building comfort: noiseless elevators, armoured entrance doors, Internal work of high level: high quality of floor cement screed and wall plastering by “screed strips”.
  • telecommunications: installation in the flat of television cable, internet, telephone and house intercom.
  • Location: unpolluted area.

Course of work:

First stage of construction started in 2015.

First stage: buildings.

Second stage has started in 2016.

Commissioning of building: buildings.

The third stage started in 2018.

Third stage installment: Q3 2020

Main characteristics:

  • Number of storeys: 10
  • Number of apartments in the house: 60
  • Material of external walls: brick
  • Insulation: foamed plastic
  • Facade: plastering
  • Roof: flat
  • Ceiling height — 2,7 m