Residential Complex Avtohraf

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Project Description


Avtohraf new complex - a modern building, interesting architectural concept which will be a great addition and new inspiration for the usual development of our city. The complex is built to the highest standards, offering comfortable accommodation to residents there.

Additional Information

  • Address Molodizhna, street 8/5 A
  • Phone +38 (067) 381 20 40

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Competitive advantages:

  • Energy-saving technologies: double-glazed windows, autonomous heating, installation of water-gas and electricity meters, external insulation of the facade.
  • Comfort inside the building: silent elevators, armored entrance doors, panoramic windows.
  • High level of interior work: ihigh-quality screed of the floor and plaster walls "by beacons".
  • Telecommunications: introduction of cable TV, internet, telephone and doorphone into the apartment.
  • Location: convenient transport interchange, developed infrastructure. Settled area, playground.

Course of work:

Construction started in 2017.

Lodgement: Finished 4rd quarter of 2019

Main characteristics:

  • Class: comfort plus
  • Floors: 7
  • Monolithic frame house with filling of external walls of brick with insulation60
  • Material of external walls: brick
  • Roof: flat
  • The height of the premises is 2.7 m
  • Ground parking, garages

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